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Holloway's Farm Supply - Land O' Lakes Florida

All coops are made with: pressure treated wood, galvanized hardware, coated screws, hot-dipped wire and metal roofing (if applicable).

The roofing is available in different colors: red, brown, blue, green, and silver.

Hand-made with quality put into every coop. Several sizes and different styles available.

All coops include nesting box and walk up.

Coops can be sold as a package which includes, coop, chicks, waterer (gravity or automatic) and feeder.

Nesting house also can work as a brooder.

We build custom coops to suit your needs.

Over 30 years experience.

Come by to see our coops in action!

Chicken Feed

We carry natural and organic chicken / poultry feeds including:

Purina® Organic Poultry Feed

Purina® Premium Poultry Feed

Grainland Select® Natural Feed Grains

Home Grown®

and more.

Chicken Health

We carry a wide range of chicken / poultry supplies including:

Vitamin supplements for every need

Medicines to maintain a healthy flock

Various methods of insect and disease control

and more.

Poultry for Sale

And of course we have a great selection of poultry including:

Baby chicks


Egg-laying hens



and also rabbits, pigs and more!

Zip Codes Within 10 Miles:

33543 33544 33548 33549 33558 33559 33613 33647 34637 34638 34639

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Chicken Coops Florida Manufacturer Featured

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