Zip Codes: How To Use Zip Codes

Zip Codes - are the life blood of our search platform. When a customer visits they are prompted to enter their zip code. When a prospective customer enters a zip code they are immediately directed to only those businesses that service this specific zip code.

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In the fresh food world, customers want local, fresh and near by. By making sure you have zip codes entered into the body of your text you guarantee customers will learn about you and then find you. Here is an example of zip codes for Brevard County, FL when entered into the text body of the description.

Serving: ⁣32952 32951 32754 32953 32955 32775 32976 32781 32796 32901 32903 32905 32904 32907 32909 32908 32922 32920 32926 32931 32927 32934 32936 32935 32940 32937 32948 32950

The search loves finding zip codes. It is important to list the zip codes in the body of your text in the description field. This gives you wider reach than just 1 single zip code. People that live in surrounding cities will drive to the next town over to get the freshest food possible.

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Tip: When writing out the text for your ad placement make sure to include all surrounding zip codes that your customers will drive from.



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