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Circle P Bar Ranch is and has been located in beautiful Palm Bay, Florida for more than 35 years.

(321) 848-7217 - Our cattle spend 100% of their lives on our large lush green pastures to ensure that they live the most humane and natural lives as we can provide. In these pastures, they are able to consume the best possible grass-fed and finished diet available.

There are many reasons to chose grass finished beef that include a long list of health benefits such as lower calories, high levels of Omega-3 fatty acids and an increased amount of CLA’s (Conjugated Linoleic Acid). CLA is a fatty acid that has many health benefits of its own to include healthy weight loss, reduced risk of heart disease and cancer fighting properties.

Circle P Bar Ranch is and has been located in beautiful Palm Bay, Florida for more than 35 years. Our owner has had an intense passion for raising the absolute best and healthy grass fed and finished cows while utilizing the most advanced methods in the industry. Being a family owned and operated cattle ranch means that we are able to provide you the consumer with the best quality meat at the best possible price. Here at Circle P Bar Ranch we take things like quality care, humane raising practices, free range and grass finished to heart. We promise that our beef will never contain any hormones or steroids and only receive the health care that they need to insure top quality.

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FRESH Food Shopper
July 21, 2022

Grass Fed Beef is by far the best and you know it as soon as you start cooking it. The taste is unlike most store bought meats that are dry and stringy and bland. Love the grass fed beef. Thank you for the bundle.

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Fresh Beef - Brevard County, Florida Featured

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